Ahad, 17 Mei 2009

My Little Sister

Call her acik. ;)
cute*pretty*chubby! ;P
very educated..
love 2 travel and hang out wit frens!
she's so lovely n caring wit peoples..
love her damn much!!
xoxo ACIK!!

when i talk bout THEM

The most left is Leya..
She's got a beautifull body like a model.. ;P
she's a good helper,she's not stingy with frens..
got lot of boyfrens but she's neva serious with guys..
she's still survey da best guy 4 her beautifull life..
da best thing bout her is she's very sporting,understanding and a forgiver fren..
love her..
xoxo ;D
On my left hand side is Bombay!ahax!
Nopp!She's Eyqa. ;)
I love her a lot bcuz she's always with me.
Im gonna miss her every second!
always make me happy being with her.
i call her Bay cuz got something story behind da name.. ;P
whateva it is..i love her.
n she's a part of my life from now on..
xoxo ;D
Last but not least,Yaya..
She's looks like Ah Moi,right? ;)
She's very active,naughty and stubborn..
She's good in a relationship..
Im proud being one of her frens..
Love u YAYA
xoxo ;D

when we talk about HER..

she's different than the others
ahax..i mean,the girl on my right lorh!
she's kila...
she's got a beautiful heart..
she's treat me like her siblings..
she's always make my day!
its hard to describe bout her..
cuz she's change a lot in her life until i couldnt noe who da real she is..
we go through a lot previously b4 we became a good fren..
now i realised that a relationship can make peoples change n be a good people in diz world..
whateva it is...thank GOD!u present her 4 me!
miss u damn much!!

BFF <33

she's one of my bestfriend
i noe her since 2005
in SM Teknik Setapak,
we shared everything together
she's the only one who know the real me
always lend her shoulder for me to cry on
she's accept me the way i am
fuck off to those who will take her away from me!!!
nobody can replaced her as my besfren eva! ;)
love u damn much ;D

simply me

there's nothing special about me
im just a simple person
*very outgoing ;)
*happy go lucky
*still young haha ;)
*friendly an talkative just to those who i noe
*a bit jealousy
*hate to be alone
*love the people who can tolerate about anything
*hate BACKSTABBER and ppl who r selfish

treat me nicely then i'll be good :)